photographers' portfolios      

hayley madden

one of the uk's best known and hardest working music photographers. hayley has been shooting gigs and festivals for the last decade, working for all the leading music titles and national newspapers as well as websites. she does commission work for women's magazines and is the official photographer of ken livingstone's greater london authority.


edd westmacott

cutting his teeth at the legendary melody maker in the late 90s, edd has since photographed the biggest names in music for everyone from Q to word, mojo and nme. far more rock 'n' roll than most of his subjects, his hair is one of the few natural phenomenons which can be viewed from space.


maria jefferis

only after 10 years as a music picture researcher did maria pick up a camera herself. she founded in 2001 to ensure her friends didn't get ripped off - making her the big boss and all the other shot2bits photographers her bitches. hooray!
also known as suzy west, when it suits her, ms jefferis and shot2bits are the official photographers of the green man festival and all tomorrow's parties in the uk.


stu green

his wife calls him eccentric, in fact he's just weird. a designer by day, stu has the eye of an artist and the ear of a psychopath. in his element at obscure music festivals, stu has worked for the wire, metal hammer, playlouder, the independent, all tomorrow's parties and zero. he's 8 feet tall and, in an attempt to disguise his gingerness, has gone completely bald.


jamie reid

jamie's not only a talented photographer and thoroughly nice chap, he's also a total photography geek; able to explain arty printing techniques while working magic with studio lights. if asked to prove his age in threshers, he pulls out the photos he took of the smiths in 1983. that's how old.


brian sweeney

from glasgow, via london and reykjavik, sweeney has worked for all the music press and papers as well as doing commission work for bands and labels. his work has been exhibited in london's photographers' gallery and he's obsessed with football pitches.


greg neate

dr neate is an artist. faithful to his lo-fi roots, he's resisting the digital revolution and spends hours slaving over a hot scanner. he's contributed to such quality publications as careless talk costs lives, plan b and access all areas and has a permanent exhibition of work in brighton boutique 'get cutie'. he's also a psychiatrist. really.

      more portfolios to come...